SAPSASA and PE Update Term 3 Week 5

Sapsasa District Cross Country State selection
Congratulations to Oscar C and Lucas E who were selected to trial for the Cross Country State team. Both reached their personal bests, Oscar came 6th and Lucas E came 10th overall. They both enjoyed the experience of training with other athletes.

Congratulations to Angus C who has been selected to play in the SAPSASA Under 12 Interstate Boys Touch Championships to be held in Adelaide from 2nd to 9th December 2017. A very exciting time for Angus.

Another win for our SAPSASA Girls Football team. They who won against Lockleys North Primary school at Lockeys North. The final result was 2-6 (18 points) to 4-3 (27 points). The team now has progressed to play in the Grand Final on Wednesday 27th September at Woodville. Their competitors will be either Marymount or Woodcroft Primary School. Congratulations Jessica C, Ebony V, Sophie A, Gracie T, Chantilly J, Ariana T, Ruby Z, Charlotte O, Paige M, Demi K, Abby K, Jasmin E, Lily R, Stella M, Georgia L, Ava B and Grace B.

On Wednesday 23rd August our team of 46 students went to Santos Stadium to compete against schools in the City South District in the SAPSASA Athletics Championships. The weather was wet, windy and sunny at the end. Everyone demonstrated amazing commitment to their track and field events. Their effort and behaviour was exemplary. Many students gained first, second, third and fourth places in heats and finals, many so close in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. All achieved their personal best on the day. Their efforts contributed to our success as a school, coming 3rd overall in the district.
The ribbon recipients were;
Evie Z 3rd 100m and 2nd 200m, Scarlet H 4th 100m, Yui T 4th 800m, Poppy S 1st Shot Put and 2nd Discus, Ashleigh S 4th 100m, 2nd 200m, 3rd 800m, Grace B 3rd Discus, Marielle B 4th 100m, 4th 200m, 2nd 800m, Stella M 3rd 100m, Jessica Z 4th Discus, Demi K 1st 100m, 4th 200m, Kiana M 4th 800m, Ruby Z 4th Shot Put and Sammy B 2nd Discus.
Max B 1st 100m, 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump, Lukas E 3rd 800m, 3rd High Jump, Thomas Z 3rd High Jump, Hamish W 3rd Shot Put, Rex W 2nd Discus, Finn D-G 3rd 100m, 4th 200m, 3rd High Jump, Oscar C 4th 800m, Milad E-H 2nd Shot Put, Jack B 4th Discus, Daniel T 1st Discus.
The final selection of students who will be attending District Day on Tuesday 26th September at Santos Stadium will be posted in the next newsletter. A big thank you goes to Erin Bodner and Hal Burns who both shared the marshalling at the Shot Put field event and to all the parents who came along to support the team.

All year 7s were invited to nominate themselves to represent their house and be a Sports Day Captain. The nominees presented their applications to their houses of year 5,6 and 7 students where a vote was carried out. Congratulations to;
JACKSON – Harshita and Ruby
LIGHT – Sammy B, Jessica C, Demi K and Daniel T
MITCHELL – Chantilly J and Emma S
STURT – Kiana M, Billy E, Charlie F and Callum S
Our Sports Day Captains have already started planning the Health Hustle and chants and getting ready to meet their house members on Tuesday 5th September at 12.40pm, Monday 11th September at 1.50pm and Wednesday 20th September at 12.40pm. Sports day is on Thursday 21st September.

Thirty one students from our school competed in the South Australian Orienteering School Relay Championships held at the South East Parklands held on the 9th August. It was held in sunny, cool conditions perfect for running. In a lead up to this there were a number of training opportunities with the use of maps to locate controls around the school and Mortlock Park as well as information sessions on DIY courses and strategies. Thank you to the students who regularly attended this.
Electronic sticks were used for the first time at a school relay to monitor whether competitors had visited all of the right controls in the right order and also to record their times. A big thankyou to the parents who helped prepare their children for this relay by taking them to either do a DIY course or an Orienteering SA event before this.
There was mixed success at this event with no significant placings in the teams that competed. Our best result for teams was 11th in the Primary Boys out of 27. All of our students’ efforts were noteworthy as they endeavored to run hard and keep trying when they were unsure of their location.
Students were well assisted by volunteers from Orienteering SA who they could approach for help if they were lost or injured. On the results page on the Orienteering SA page there were some very promising individual results from at least six of our students. Please keep in mind students from Year level 3 up to Year 7 were competing against each other. I have included a table below of the standout individual results from our school.
Student Placing Time Time behind the winner
Daniel Rowett 5th 15:42 +3:58
Charlotte O’Grady 6th 17:40 +5:58
Giselle Draper 12th 19:20 +7:38
Student Placing Time Time behind the winner
Ella Mitlan 9th 15:58 +4:57
Trent Harris 11th 17:40 +6:03
Angus Chave 15th 19:00 +7:59

The school now has membership with Orienteering SA. Students from the school can now enter events for free. Parents are encouraged to shadow their child on courses until they gain the confidence and skill level to do it by themselves. To shadow a child does not incur a charge. A number of events close to Adelaide will be coming up later this year. A big thank you to Des Norman who spent many hours supporting our orienteerers.
To find out more go to

SAPSASA and PE Update Term 3 Week 3

Sapsasa Orienteering trials
The Sapsasa Orienteering Teams were finalised last week. The Relay Championships will be held on Friday 11th August at the South East Parklands. Congratulations to Cormac M, Daniel R, Trent H, Thomas R, Thomas B, William H, Lucas D, Oliver B, Zac S, Gracie T, Charlotte O, Emerson-Rose D, Chloe D, Bethany VR, Maggie H, Lukas E, Alex G, Thomas Z, Zawad A, Ishaan B, Christian S, Oscar V, Ned B, Max B, Sam B, Grace B, Angus C, Giselle D, Ella M, Laura B, Max T, Lachlan C and Sam W who have been selected to represent our school. They will be running in a relay team of three students per team. Ten teams this year. A big thank you to Desmond Norman who has been training the teams. Visit the website for more information of Orienteering events near to you.

Sapsasa District Athletics Trial selection
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent Colonel Light Gardens Primary School in the Combined Athletics Carnival on Wednesday 23rd August.
100m Max B, Thomas Z, Evie Z, Scarlet H, Finn D-G, Angus C, Ashleigh S, Haydee K, Callum W, Jack B, Marielle B, Stella M, Charlie F, Billy E, Demi K and Kiana M
200m Max B, Evie Z, Finn D-G, Ashleigh S, Haydee K, Callum W, Oscar C, Marielle B, Stella M, Billy E and Demi K
800m Lukas E, Ned B, Evie Z, Yui T, Isaac B, Jacob H, Nellie K, Ashleigh S, Oscar C, Mitchel O, Marielle B, Abby K, Callum S, Noah T, Chantilly J and Kiana M
High Jump Thomas Z, Lukas E, Ruby T, Finn D-G, Sophie A, Oscar C, Georgie L, Billy E and Sammy B
Long Jump – Max B, Scarlett H, Samuel A, Charlize J, Sophie A, Josh B, Darcy G, Daniel T and Emma S
Shot Put – Hamish W, Poppy S, Sam L, Grace B, Milad E-H, Paige M, Noah H and Ruby Z
Discus – Rex W, Poppy S, Samuel A, Grace B, Jack B, Jessica Z, Daniel T and Sammy B

SAPSASA Basketball Championships
On Wednesday 9th August our two teams went to Pasadena High School to compete with other schools in various districts in the Basketball Championships.
The boys team Mitchell O, Billy E, Daniel T, Dylan N, Charlie F, Joshua B, Nathan H, Ethan S and Callum S came 7th. A big to Ashley Blight who coached the team.
I coached the girls team Kiana M, Paige M, Abby K, Ruby Z, Ava B, Aneesa S and Emma S came 4th . Well done to both teams for representing our school so well. It was a great day overall.

Tae Kwon-Do
George England from National Taekwondo Adelaide comes to our school annually to run a free lesson to all students emphasising the importance of eating healthy, positive wellbeing and being safe. All students really enjoyed the session this week. Some chose to take a voucher to enable them to a months (four lessons) of Taekwondo. George’s lessons are conducted in the scout hall on Mortlock Oval. Feel free to contact George Engand on Mobile No. 0418 819 705 to discuss any information with him.

SAPSASA and PE Update Term 3 Week 1

Sapsasa Girls Knockout Football
Our Sapsasa Girls football team will be playing in the semi-finals against Lockleys North Primary School on Friday 11th August on Mortlock Oval. If the team is successful they will be playing in the grand final on Wednesday 27th September. Good luck girls.

Sapsasa Girls Knockout Netball
On Friday 30th June the Sapsasa Girls Netball team played Unity College at Murray Bridge. The final scores was 34 to 27 Unity College won. Congratulations to the team, Abby K, Courtney W, Demi K, Jessica C, Chantilly J, Kiana M, Ruby Z, Jasmin E, Emma S, Sammy B and Paige M. A big thank you to Jess Roberts who coached the team.

Sapsasa District Soccer and Hockey Trials
Charlie Fox represented the Sapsasa City South District Soccer in July. The district team came 6th overall. A great effort.
Isobell D, Ashleigh S and Georgina W represented Sapsasa Southern Heights and City South District Hockey. The district team came first. The team received a gold medal. A great effort from them all.