SAPSASA and PE update Term 2 W7

SAPSASA and PE Update T2 W7 2018
SAPSASA Girls and Boys Knockout Teams
The boys netball team, Oscar C, Jack B, Mitchel O, Harry H, Joshua S, Josh B and Nathan H played on Wednesday afternoon, 16th May against Scotch College. It was a very exciting game. Colonel Light Gardens will now play Hawthorndene Primary Schools on Wednesday 20th June at Hawthorndene Primary – game commencing at 1.30pm.

The girls Netball team Paige M, Jessica Z, Sophia W, Halle S, Lily R, Sophie A, Amelia K, Ariana T and Ma M-B played against Cabra College on Monday 21st May at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School. The final a score was 17 to 36. Cabra College will continue in the knockouts. A big thank you to Jess Roberts who coached the team.

Both Boys and Girls soccer teams played on Friday 18th May on Mortlock Park both against Mitcham Primary School. The boys team, Sean D-W, Ocar C, Jack B, Mitchell O, Charlie W, Max E, Alex S, Jacob H, Lucas D-B, Joshua S, Jasper L, Izaiah T, Josh B and Seth A were successful in scoring 4 to 3. They will now play Westbourne Park Primary on Wednesday 13th June on Mortlock Oval, game commencing 9.45am. The girls soccer team, Ocea C, Mabel L, Darcy G, Gypsy O, Georgia L, Amelia K, Gracie T, Paige M, Laura B, Syifa P, Ariana T, Laura N, Charlize J and Jessica Z game was as exciting the final scor 3-4 Mitcham’s advantage. A big thank you to Briana Rae for coaching the team.

The Boys football team, Jacob T, Alex S, Sean D-W, Charlie M, Josh S, William H, Harry C, Samuel A, Max S, Harry L, Oscar C, Jack B, Mitchel O, Braydon B, Josh B, Rohan L, Max T, Lukas E, Lewis S, Tyler H and Oskar E played against Burnside Primary School Friday afternoon on 18th May on Mortlock Park The final score 9 to 76. Burnside will continue playing in the knockout. A big thank you to James Simmons who coached the team this year.

The girls football team, Mia, Gypsy O, Georgia L, Maggie H, Chloe V, Sophie A, Amani N, Laura B, Emili R, Amelia K, Gracie T, Lily R, Paige M, Ariana T, Sophia W, Darcy, Laura N, Jas main P and Jessica Z played against St Mary’s College on Tuesday morning on 22nd May on Mortlock Park. St Mary’s College will continue in the knockouts. A big thank you to Katina Athanasos for coaching the team.

SAPSASA Basketball Trials for year 6 and 7 girls and boys
The basketball trials final trial was held last Monday for the girls and last Wednesday for the boys. Congratulations to the boys team William H, Samuel A, Sam L, Max S, Josh B, Nathan H, Jack B, Alex S, Mitch O and Oscar C and the girls team Sophie A, Paige M, Jessica Z, Ariana T, Jazz P, Amani N, Ocea and Nellie. They will be playing at the Basketball District Championships on Wednesday 25th July at Pasadena.

SAPSASA Hockey and Soccer District selection
A huge congratulations to Henry W, Isabelle D and Ashleigh S who will be representing Southern Heights and City South districts at the Hockey State Carnival from 25th to 29th June.
Congratulations to Charlie W who has been selected to represent City South in the SAPSASA District Soccer Championships also being held from 25th to 29th June. A very exciting time for these students.

SAPSASA State Cross Country Championships
Again I was fortunate to have the opportunity to manage the City South State Cross Country Team on Thursday 7th June with Jeff Wray. We had nine students from out school who participated to their personal best. Congratulations to Coco M, Sage S, Samuel K, Will C, Lewis S, Ben V-R and Lucy W. The boys 10 year old team won a bronze medal. Well done to Samuel K and Will C. Both boys have been invited to trial for the State Team. A great effort.

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  1. Hi Kim, you left out Lukas Eagleton and Ned Byas from the State Cross Country list – they both did an amazing job coming in 38th and 48th place in their race!

    1. Hi Mandy
      Yes they did an amazing job. The medals were given to the top four that is why they weren’t mentioned but of course they were mentioned as representing the district.

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